White Supremacist Gets 56 Years to Life for Killing 22-year-old

    A jury convicted White Supremacist Craig Matthew Tanber, 40, of second-degree murder for stabbing Shayan Mazroei several times after Tanber and girlfriend were told to leave The Original Patsy’s Irish Pub in September 8, 2015. Tanber’s girlfriend, Elizabeth Thornburg, exchanged words with Mazroei when the two went outside the bar to smoke. Witnesses heard Thornburg hurl racial slurs at Mazroei, and video footage captured her spitting on Mazroei several times. Before walking back in the bar, Mazroei spit on Thornburg. 

    Thornburg chased Mazroei back into the bar. After being asked to leave the bar by a bouncer, Thornburg and Tanber waited outside the bar. Video footage shows Tanber walking back into the bar after the bouncer left to deal with another issue inside the business. Tanber then punched Mazroei and stabbed him twice, first through the heart and then in the shoulder. Mazroei stumbled back into the bar and collapsed. Mazroei was taken to Mission Hospital by paramedics where he later died. Following the stabbing, 

    Tanber fled the scene but was arrested three days later at a Westminster motel. Elizabeth Thornburg has been charged with one felony count of accessory after the fact.

        A judge sentenced Craig Tanber to 56 years to life in state prison for killing Mazroei. Tanber had been out of prison for just three months when he killed Mazroei. In 2007, Tanber admitted to helping kill a 26-year-old man who was beaten to death with a claw hammer after stealing money from the former girlfriend of a white supremacist gang member. Tanber pled guilty to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter after his murder trial ended in a mistrial due to juror misconduct.

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