Three Charged with Paintball Shootings in Torrance

Two men and a woman were charged today with shooting two people with a paintball gun, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Lynn Emerson Johnson III (dob 5/10/1997) of Hawthorne, Tyler James Walters (dob 7/15/1997) of Torrance, and Gabriella Lorraine Semana (dob 9/17/1999) of San Pedro face four felony counts: one count each of aggravated mayhem and mayhem and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a paintball gun.

Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott said the complaint includes allegations that Walters personally used a dangerous weapon, the paintball gun, and that he inflicted great bodily injury.

Arraignment is scheduled today in Department 4 of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Torrance Branch.

The three defendants are charged with driving around Torrance and shooting two men who were walking in separate locations on Feb. 4, the prosecutor said. One victim was seriously injured in one eye, the prosecutor added.

Walters faces nine years to life in state prison if convicted as charged while Johnson and Semana face eight years to life in prison.

Bail for the three defendants is $1 million. The case remains under investigation by the Torrance Police Department.

Los Angeles District Attorney / February 8, 2018

1 thought on “Three Charged with Paintball Shootings in Torrance”

  1. Sickening. Three unemployed, uneducated scumbags who have caused permanent injury to an innocent bystander. One can only hope they get appropriate prison sentences if found guilty. But seeing this is a criminal defense attorney blog, I’m sure the readers here are rooting for the defendants, claiming these adults are innocent little rich kids who are suffering from “affluenza” and are misunderstood by the big, bad DA, and should just get a few weeks of unsupervised probation so they can party it up and cause more bodily harm to citizens.

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