Man Admits He Stole $240,000 from United States Postal Service Trucks


What were Myron and William thinking?

Should they go to federal prison?  For how long?

            A South Los Angeles man pleaded guilty today to a federal criminal charge and admitted to participating in two armed robberies of United States Postal Service trucks carrying tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

            On February 1, 2018, twenty eight year old South Los Angeles resident Myron Crosby and some others robbed a Postal Service truck in Inglewood, CA, During the robbery Crosby acted as a lookout, while a white minivan blocked the USPS truck just outside the Post Office. The robber threatened the truck driver at gunpoint, and the robber stole $37,658 in cash.

            On March 1, 2018, Crosby and some others robbed a post office in South Los Angeles, he admitted in his plea agreement. Crosby rented a Mercedes-Benz SUV and boxed in the USPS truck. Another co-conspirator exited another vehicle, brandished a gun and stole $72,563 in cash. In total, Crosby and his co-conspirators robbed the USPS of $110,221.

            Crosby faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in federal prison.

            On July 31, Crosby’s half-brother and co-defendant, William Crosby IV, 32, of Inglewood, pleaded guilty robbing US property and using a firearm. William Crosby was a USPS supervisor who had  worked at the post offices and new when the USPS transported cash generated from the sale of money orders and USPS merchandise. William admitted that between August 2017 and March 2018, while a USPS employee, he conspired with others, including Myron Crosby, to plan a theft and two robberies of USPS trucks carrying cash. The burglary and armed robberies caused cash losses of $238,457. Willliam faces a statutory maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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