How much does a DUI cost? And what’s a fair price?

The price of a DUI is always going to vary based on multiple factors such as criminal charges, details of the case, and the attorney representing you. While there is no exact price tag for a DUI, it is guaranteed to be a hefty number. You will be hit with a whirlwind of fee’s that you would never even think of until you’re faced with a DUI. To begin with, you must put up money for bail which can range from either a few hundred up to several thousand dollars. While this will be returned to you, the subsequent fees for booking and fingerprinting, vehicle towing and impoundment, and increased car insurance will not.

The cost of a DUI attorney in Los Angeles can range anywhere around 1,200-10,000 dollars. Mandatory DUI/DWI classes will cost about $575 dollars. After additional License Reinstatement fees, increased insurance rates, and Ignition Interlock Device (IID) fee’s the final total cost for a first time DUI can rack up a bill of around $15,000 dollars.

The ignition interlock device that is just one of the penalties of getting a DUI in Los Angeles. This device is a machine that records a driver’s blood alcohol level and ensures that their blood alcohol content (BAC) is below a set limit. Not only must you pay for this device as part of your DUI penalty, you must also pay for installation and maintenance. The price of the device typically has a price tag between $75-$100. You must also pay the DMV an “IID Restriction Fee” of $15 along with an administrative fee of $40.

As mentioned earlier, DUI’s come with a variety of varying Fees and expenses. The minimum average cost of a first time DUI will hit the $15,000 dollar range, but the actual cost of a DUI in LA could easily exceed that! While we listed the minimum cost of a Los Angeles DUI, you will want to ensure that you have a skilled DUI attorney that can advise you on the exact DUI defense and course of action for your situation.

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