Former Cheerleading Coach Sentenced to 78 Months in Federal Prison for Sexually Assaulting an Intoxicated Woman on a Cruise Ship

A federal district court judge sentenced Anthony Paul De La Torriente, 30, of Simi Valley, a former cheerleading coach, to 78 months in federal prison for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman on a cruise ship bound from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico during the summer of 2015.  

A federal jury found De La Torriente guilty of one count of sexual abuse and one count of abusive sexual contact.  Evidence at trial showed that De La Torriente volunteered to stay alone in Jane Doe’s cabin with Doe whose severe intoxication from a daytime excursion in Ensenada had worried their colleagues. Once alone with Doe, while the colleagues were away getting food on the cruise ship, De La Torriente sexually assaulted her. When their colleagues returned, they found Doe’s cabin door double-locked from the inside. When De La Torriente eventually unlocked the door and allowed their colleagues inside, Doe identified De La Torriente as her attacker.  Doe reported the assault to the cruise ship’s medical and security staff. Swabs taken from Doe’s body matched De La Torriente’s DNA, while swabs taken from inside and outside of his underwear matched the Doe’s DNA.

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