DA Gascon’s Office Does Not Want People to Submit Requests for Resentencing

DA Gascon’s Office does not accept calls, emails, letters, etc. about individual cases. The DA’s Office cannot respond to requests or concerns about individual cases or requests for resentencing made by incarcerated persons, family members, attorneys, and/or other representatives at this time. If someone wants to get resentenced, the person should participate in rehabilitative programming and avoid disciplinary actions while incarcerated. Gathering letters of support from institutional staff, family, community members, and re-entry providers also may be helpful. The information should be kept for use in case a resentencing hearing is scheduled. The DA’s office does not want any documents sent to their office. Individuals, family members or attorneys cannot request resentencing under Penal Code Section 1170(d). Only the DA, the CDCR, the Sheriff, or the Board of Parole Hearings can request resentencing.

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