Criminal Fees AB 1869 (Stats. 2020, ch. 92)

Effective July 1, 2021, courts will no longer have authority to collect the following fees:

• Government Code:

    § 27712 (public defense fee)

    § 27753 (cost of counsel)

    § 29550(c) (criminal justice administration fee)

    § 29550(f) (administrative screening fee and citation processing fee)

    § 29550.1 (criminal justice administration fee)

    § 29550.2 (county booking fee)

    § 29550.3 (city booking fee)

• Penal Code:

    § 987.4 (minor public defense fee)

    § 987.5 (public defense registration fee)

    § 987.8 (public defense fee)

    § 1203 (interstate compact supervision)

    § 1203.016(g) (adult home detention administrative fee)

    § 1203.018(j) (electronic monitoring administrative fee)

    § 1203.1b (probation department investigation/progress report fee)

    § 1203.1e (parole supervision fee)

    § 1208.2(b) (program administrative fee)

    § 1210.15 (continuous electronic monitoring fee)

    § 3010.8 (parole continuous electronic monitoring fee)

    § 4024.2(e) (work furlough administrative fee)

    § 6266 (work furlough program fee)

The legislation also adds Government Code section 6111. This statute, effective July 1, 2021, provides that the unpaid balance of any court-imposed costs (pursuant to section 27712, section 29550(c) or (f), and sections 29550.1, 29550.2, and 29550.3) is unenforceable and uncollectible. Further, the court must vacate any portion of a judgment that imposes those costs.

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