CALIFORNIA RACIAL JUSTICE ACT NEEDS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE AB2542 – the California Racial Justice Act – was passed in the final moments of the 2019-2020 legislative session with 26 votes in the Senate and 49 in Assembly. Californians may soon have the opportunity to challenge their arrests, their charges, their trials, and their sentences on the grounds of discrimination due to race, gender, orientation, and their nation of origin. The bill has moved to Governor Newsom’s desk. We need the Governor’s signature for the Racial Justice Act to become law in California. I’m asking you and your organizations to send a letter of support to Governor Newsom urging him to sign the Racial Justice Act into law. The Governor has until the end of September to sign AB2542 but we need letters of support soon before the opposition can influence him to veto the bill! Please follow this Call to Action and ask Governor Newsom to sign the Racial Justice Act into law as soon as possible. You can contact Governor Newsom by customizing our form letter here: Ask Gov. Newsom to sign the RACIAL JUSTICE ACT
or create your own email to Governor Newsom. Email to [email protected]

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