Beverly Hills Surgeon and Girlfriend In Big Trouble – Accused of Stealing $52 Million in Insurance Fraud Scheme With Sober Living Patients Four others also facing felonies for finding patients for medically unnecessary surgeries and procedures to bilk insurance companies

    Dr. Randy Rosen, 57, a Beverly Hills surgeon and his girlfriend,  Liza Visamanos,  face between 88 and 56 felony counts in connection with  with recruiting and hiring numerous body brokers to find and pay patients to have medically unnecessary Naltrexone implant surgeries and cortisone shots. Both have been charged with stealing nearly $52 million in an elaborate insurance fraud scheme that involved hiring body brokers to pay patients at Southern California sober living homes to undergo medically unnecessary surgeries, medical testing, and other medical procedures. Four others have been charged in connection with the illegal operation. The prosecution also alleges that Dr. Rosen required patients to undergo unnecessary drug tests which he sent to Lotus Laboratories, owned by Visamanos, for testing. California law prohibits such referrals where the physician or his immediate family has a financial interest with the person or entity receiving the referral. It is alleged that Lotus Laboratories fraudulently billed at least 22 different insurance providers more than $3 million.

    Dr. Rosen and Visamanos pleaded not guilty on July 2, 2020. 

    Robert Mellon, 52, of San Diego, Thomas Douglas, 29 of Playa del Rey, Shea Simmons, 28, of Jeanerette, Louisiana, and Patrick Connolly, 28, of Los Angeles, also face felony charges for their involvement in the scheme.

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