Alleged Bank Robber Arrested after Crashing Getaway Car at Vandenberg Air Force Base

             The feds arrested Maurice Antwion Pilgrim Jr., 19 years old, on charges that he robbed a credit union in Santa Barbara County, tried to rob a bank, and then led law enforcement on a high-speed chase that resulted in him crashing his getaway car at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  He will be charged with  robbery and one count of attempted robbery.

            On October 13 Pilgrim, robbed Coast Hills Credit Union in Lompoc, making off with $3,000. Two days later, he tried to rob Mechanics Bank in Guadalupe, but fled after seeing a nearby bank security guard.  After the failed bank robbery, law enforcement officials found Pilgrim driving on Highway 1 and started chasing him, The high-speed chase ended when Pilgrim crashed his car near the Vandenberg Air Force Base visitor center. Pilgrim ran away, but was arrested soon afterward. 

            After his arrest on October 15, Pilgrim made incriminating statements and clothing and other items found in a Ford Taurus Pilgrim had rented in July – but was never returned – matched security camera footage and witness descriptions of him. Pilgrim also allegedly told law enforcement that, before the robbery, he used Google to research penalties for bank robbery.

            An indictment contains allegations that a defendant has committed a crime. Every defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

            If convicted of both counts, Pilgrim would face a statutory maximum sentence of 40 years in federal prison.

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