Day: April 25, 2018

Attorney General Becerra Secures $1.6 Million Judgment Against Seller of Lead and Cadmium Tainted Jewelry

LOS ANGELES – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced today that the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) secured a default judgment against Luxy Accessory, Inc. (Luxy), a jewelry distributor based in Los Angeles, and its owner Hyun Sook Kim for selling jewelry with excessive levels of lead and cadmium. Much of the jewelry was intended for children, and some was mislabeled as “lead free.” These acts constitute a violation of California’s Metal Containing Jewelry Law and the Unfair Competition Law. They also constitute unlawful advertising. The judgment consists of $1,626,000 in civil penalties and an order to comply with all statutes and regulations applicable to the manufacture, distribution, or sale of jewelry in California.

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